Welcome to Soulmate Ragdolls

Welcome to Soulmate Ragdolls

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Hello, I'm Lora Tesh and I live in North Carolina where I began breeding in 1995.   I am a bible believing Christian, VERY FAR from perfect, but living my life honoring the TRUE Word of God to the best of my ability.   

 I am passionate about the  Ragdoll Breed and I wanted to share this special breed with others.   Soulmate kittens have relaxed and loving temperaments and what I call a "Puppy personality" .   Our Ragdolls are  constant companions who follow me from room to room throughout the day, who speak  with their soft little voices, and sleep with me at night.   You will fall in love with our little 4 legged Soulmates and they gladly return that love to you many times over, as they look at you with their lovely blue eyes- - purring anytime you touch or talk to them.  


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

All our breeding Ragdolls are HCM tested and are all negative for both

known mutations of HCM, FELV, and FIV

REgistry affiliations

Our Ragdolls are registered with TICA and/or CFA

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